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We can help you in refinancing your loan. We gladly extend our services to current homeowners seeking to refinance their mortgage. There are a number of understandable reasons one may desire to refinance their home, but in order to do so, an individual must understand the value behind their decision and weigh out their options. This is where our specialists at Phoenix Mortgage can utilize their breadth of knowledge and decades of experience to helping individuals like you refinance your home or property. We can help you search for the right mortgage and find a less burdensome loan agreement.

To refinance a home means the current loan is replaced with a new loan, usually with more favorable terms. The debt is transferred over to a separate agreement. There are a number of different ways a refinanced loan can be advantageous, and as a mortgage broker, it is our hope that you can experience one of these possibilities:

One common benefit that can come with refinancing your loan is taking on a new mortgage that has a lower interest rate. A lower interest rate can equate to a lower monthly payment. This can also mean an overall cheaper mortgage, and it may allow equity to grow and develop at a quicker pace.

Another potential byproduct of a refinanced loan is a shortened term. Perhaps someone wishes to move from a 30-year loan agreement to a 15-year loan agreement. This may raise monthly payments, but it has the benefit of the loan being paid off sooner.

Someone may also refinance with the hopes of switching from an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) to a fixed-rate mortgage. The logic behind this depends on a person’s situation and his or her preference. A fixed-rate mortgage is desirable for the sake of its predictability and consistency whereas the terms of an adjustable-rate mortgage are subject to change.

Another common reason one might refinance is to consolidate one’s debt. This could include mortgages with loans or equity taken out to remodel or renovate the home.

Phoenix Mortgage Specialists, Inc. is proud to serve all our clients across Georgia and Alabama with premier mortgage services specially tailored to their respective preferences and needs. It is our greatest pleasure to be a consistent source of professional guidance and expertise for every prospective homeowner. For those interested in refinancing your loan, contact us today! We would love to be of service to you in any way possible, and we would love to help answer any of your refinancing-related questions or concerns. Thanks for choosing Phoenix Mortgage Specialists, Inc.

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