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It would have been easy to fold up and go home. It would have been even easier to feel sorry for themselves... after all, they had invested their entire livelihood into this industry. They succeeded inside of it. They fought hard for every client. They studied every nuance of how it functioned. They knew everything there was to know about the Mortgage business, except that it was about to be destroyed and their successful Mortgage Brokerage was left stranded and broken amidst the Great Recession.

But that wasn’t the end. In fact, it was the beginning...


Nearly six years after the 2007 collapse of the United States housing market, the team at Phoenix Mortgage Specialists, Inc. felt it was time to reinvent themselves. It was time to start anew. They felt it was time to rise from the ashes – akin to the Greek mythological creature, The Phoenix. Tougher! Smarter! More relentless and more determined than ever before! Since 2013 and with over 50 years of combined experience in the mortgage industry, no team has worked harder and had as much success securing quality and affordable home loans for customers who believed their dream of homeownership to be unattainable than that of Phoenix Mortgage Specialists, Inc.




Owner and Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS ID# 216876

“A 2012 Census Report showed that of the nearly one million privately owned businesses within the financial industry in the country, less than 5% are owned by African Americans.  Lucius Mack is humbled and deeply honored to be a part of this elite group as the Owner of Phoenix Mortgage Specialists, Inc.  Having a distinguished career of serving in the mortgage industry for nearly 25 years, Lucius is keenly aware of the needs of all borrowers whether they are in the market to purchase their first home, second home, refinance or somewhere in between.  His genuine love for this business and helping his clients achieve their dream of homeownership is evident in everything he does…as one will often hear him say, “We’re just here to cater to borrowers.”…and cater to them they do like no one else can at Phoenix Mortgage Specialists, Inc.”


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Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS ID# 788679

“With an illustrious career in sales for nearly 20 years at Citizens Trust Bank and Peoples Bank, Phoenix is honored to have Dexter as a part of the team. Coupled with his expertise in helping one select the best financing options for new homeowners (purchases) or current homeowners (refinances) along with Phoenix's second-to-none customer service, quality financing for all of your mortgage needs is guaranteed!”


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Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS ID# 1778888

“Affectionately known as "The Plug" at Phoenix and with several years of sales experience, Donovan is passionate about showing families how to create generational wealth through homeownership. With programs that help borrowers with excellent credit to those with challenges, Phoenix Mortgage Specialists, Inc. coupled with Donovan's expertise are here to serve all of your mortgage financing needs TODAY!”


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Mortgage Loan Assistant

Everyone knows that in order for any well-oiled machine to work, you must have that "engine", "that "power" to make all moving parts work with ease and satisfactorily. We are honored to have Deb as "The Power" that makes Phoenix GO! As one of your points of contact after your mortgage loan application has been taken, Deb ensures everything is in place to get to you to the closing table ...and ultimately achieve your dream of homeownership!

Contact Phoenix Mortgage Specialists, Inc. today for all of your mortgage financing needs!


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